Bellybutton Babies

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About Us

Our Background



Hello, I'm Jennifer and my partner is Jean, Jean was inspired by her mother's love of porcelain art dolls, she loved to create beautiful dolls with porcelain lace dresses including one that was a replica of her Jean's wedding dress.

Jean loves to paint these little babies but she also creates quilts, makes memorial teddy bears and so much more.

In turn I was inspired by her as her daughter and thankfully given some her artistic and creative talent, love, and drive to create art in many forms from her.. my Mom.. Jean. <3 :)

Our Medium


  We use many different mediums, such as Heat-set paints, varnish sealants, glass beads and Poly-fill. Each reborn doll is unique and gradually develops its own individuality. 

Our reborn dolls, are of high quality and take many weeks to complete. 

Our Inspiration


 Myself and my Mom have been in love with creating works of art in many mediums for years, when we  saw the Reborned babies art  we loved them but could not afford them. We decided we would try our creative hand at it. We are proud of our work and hope you love our babies as much as we do! :)